OUR VISION! To inspire a healthier life!
OUR PHILOSOPHY! To understand, guide and care for our members while inspiring a passionate culture where everyone feels comfortable and empowered.
OUR MISSION! To KNOW, INSPIRE, and CELEBRATE YOU, our Members and Guests!


Give us 10-15 minutes and let us lead you to health!

If time is a barrier, did you know you can improve your health and fitness with shorter exercise sessions spread throughout the day? Using your on-site Fitness Center during a 10-15 minute break, or whenever you have a few moments to spare, can yield great benefits. Three 10-minute workouts still equals a 30 minute workout!

The CIC Health and Fitness Center is your onsite fitness where our staff is passionate about helping you achieve your health goals of increasing your daily activity, building more muscle mass, decreasing your stress level and reducing your blood pressure. The over 20,000 sq. ft. center includes treadmills, bikes, stairmaster, ellipticals, and rowing machines in addition to free weights, strength machines, and functional training equipment.

We also provide a wide variety of instructor-led group exercise classes throughout the day. One highlight of the facility is the state-of-the-art, connected exercise equipment from Technogym. Built-In touchscreen devices allows you to create specialized workout routines, track your progress online, and stay entertained with music, TV, or internet surfing as you exercise. We invite you join us and our dedicated staff will assist you in your health & fitness journey!

Group Fitness 

Our group exercise program offers a variety of classes throughout the day to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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A healthy serving of filling information, flavorful resources, and nutritious recipes for meals and snacks for the foodie in all of us.

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The fitness center will be open during all times listed unless otherwise posted. Once you’ve joined and completed a required orientation, you may enter at your convenience.

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News & Info 

Aug 2020 The Fitness Center is currently Closed.

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